Opening campaign on screening, prevention and control of Tuberculosis (TB) in Chikwawa Prison

CHREAA is implementing a project which is aimed at raising awareness on the TB related risks being faced by prisoners and increase advocacy for TB screening and quality health services in prisons with funding from the Aids Alliance for Southern Africa (ARASA).


On the 5th of June 2018 CHREAA started the opening campaign for the project in Chikwawa Prison which faces the same problems like most prisons in Malawi: they are congested with inadequate ventilation, provide inmates with an inadequate diet frequently resulting in malnutrition and they have a higher prevalence of HIV than the surrounding communities. As a consequence, these prisons are a high prevalence setting for TB. Due to a lack of resources, discrimination and stigma, Malawi prisoners are a neglected and vulnerable population that has limited access to basic healthcare.

IMG_1824Prisoners showing in a play how their health is affected by the problematic conditions in the prisons.

CHREAA with the support of ARASA is rising awareness on this issue and increase advocacy for TB screening and quality health services in the prisons to tackle the problem.










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